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 Jane is absolutely the best. Her perseverance, patience, wise advice, experience, and knowledge are on a high level. And she does everything with a sense of fun with a wit too match. We love her. Most importantly, she gives one her unvarnished opinion and saves one from missteps,long distractions, or bad choices. Count yourself lucky if Jane is in your corner.

- Keith LaQua

I've know Jane for many years, since our days together at ABC. She has found several homes for me, and of course has sold some (usually at huge profits). She is so genuine. She tried to convince me not to move back East., and she was probably right. She is untouchable as a Realtor, as well as a friend. 

- Tony Sproule

Jane is truly a human "One Stop Does All.' I am amazed at her ability and, most of all, her willingness to find you anything or anybody you need. Her generosity and energy are boundless. Without hesitation, she responds to any question you might have about property, furniture, appliances, gardening, plumbing, electricity, etc., etc., and who or what can repair anything, even cars .While I might sound over the top, it is, in fact, all true. And perhaps her greatest attributes are her generosity of spirit and sense of humor.

- Lee Sankowich

Jane has been our realtor for years. From NYC to LA she has guided us through some tough transactions. She is always fair and honest. Jane is one of the hardest working women I know. She will work on a deal until midnight if needed, and or drive you around to see 100 homes until you find the right one for your family. We always have fun with Jane she is funny and fun to be with. I recommend her to all my friends and they are always satisfied. Jane is the BEST!! Alicia & Mike Piazza

Jane, Jane, Jane thank you just doesn't seem enough. At 80 years old I feel so lucky that you handled the sale of my home of 30 years. It sold in just ONE DAY under your supervision and you have made one old guy feel very good about handing his home over to just the right young family to enjoy it. You're simply the best.

JANE!!! Congratulations on yet another Coldwell Banker TOP PRODUCER Circle Award. You are so deserving!

- Alicia & Mike Piazza

- Eddie Klotz

- Peggy Graham

Over the past 15 years, Jane Schore has helped me buy and sell...... Even the best real estate experience doesn't come close to the story to tell; She is incrediably keen while always finding the right price and the right scene........ And so I can reccommend her without hesitation, just be ready to move without reservation!!!!

Jane Schore is priceless! Without a doubt, she’s my go-to person for any real estate needs. Call her any hour of the day or night and she’ll readily be available to discuss any property listed or not with utmost insightful remarks. Her inquisitive mind continues to deepen her unsurpassed knowledge of real estate still today, after 30+ of being a top realtor. The best part, she’s make every transaction painless and fun with her colorful personality! 

I guess I should finally tell you after 20 years of buying and selling houses with you, "you are the best in the business!" 

- M. Johnston

- Jessica Junyet

- Ronen Henn

Jane has been our realtor and friend for over 20 years. Every home we've ever owned (3) or sold (2) has happened because of Jane and her absolute committment and passion for making sure that we were happy with the end result. She inspires trust, and you gotta love her for looking out for you like you are her favorite sibling. Jane, you're as good as a winning Lottery ticket!! You will always be our choice.

I have been involved in buying and selling a few homes and have dealt with some scrupulous agents on both sides.Finding a Real Estate broker in LA that really works “With You” and “FOR YOU” is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but when you find that needle its like finding Gold - Jane is that GOLD. When you want the best then Jane is the only choice. THANK YOU Jane!

Through patience and hard work, Jane Schore found a perfect home for me and my family. We have been happy here for years, and Jane is a frequent and welcome visitor...

- Don Miller & David Bright

- David Friedman

- G. Warren

I have been involved in real estate sydications for 20 years as a lawyer and an investor. I have relied on Jane for her expertise, her honesty and her loyality. It has been a sincere pleasure to work with her for these many years. 

Having known and been professionally involved with Ms. Schore for almost 30 years I have not met any realtor that goes above and beyond to understand her clients' needs and is results oriented. I highly recommend her for your realty needs.

Jane, you have really helped me to navigate real estate in LA. I don't know what I'd do without you..your passion, dedication, sensitivity, and experience have served me very well, and I'm happy to know you! Thank you for the past eight years of guidance and support of my housing journey!

- E. Smith

- Christopher Barron

- C. Hunt

Ms Schore is more than professional, she is very articulate, charismatic and skilled in her field. The clients needs are addressed and met when working with Ms. Schore. When asked for a real estate agent: Janie is my first and ONLY choice. The BEST EVER!

-  J.Y. White

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